Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is essential to help students be successful. We encourage parent involvement and communication regarding progress and satisfaction of students work. This can be daunting if the parent has never studied an instrument. However, several studies have shown the importance of parent involvement in music education. The following is from

A survey published in 1996 by Jane Davidson showed that musical achievement is linked to high levels of parental involvement. (The role of Parental Influences in the Development of Musical Performance, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 14: 399-412.) Davidson and her colleagues found that parental involvement is a crucial factor in whether a child persists or gives up.

Their study also showed that the highest-achieving children received the most support from their parents, up to the age of eleven. Thereafter, children are increasingly driven by an intrinsic motivation to practice regularly by themselves. Davidson goes so far as to suggest that high levels of musical achievement are likely to be unattainable without a positive emotional atmosphere and the support of parents. The most crucial determinant is not a parent’s musical literacy, but the time commitment they are willing to make. Successful learning, after all, is a group effort involving parents, teachers and friends.

We have an open-door policy meaning parents are always welcome to attend lessons.  If you ever have a question about what your child is working on or how you can better help your child in their practicing do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher.